Relatório movimento Lateral

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Antigamente você conseguia retirar relatório no portal clássico do Microsoft Defender para Identidade relacionado a movimento Lateral um relatório semanal por exemplo, no portal do, onde esse relatório foi parar ? antigamente ele era retirado conforme essa documentação oficial

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@Diego-Gonzalez They are covered in either the ISPM assessments found in Secure Score, or by using Advanced Hunting to look for/query anything specific:
1. Changes to sensitive groups can be queried by Advanced Hunting (you can find blog series on that here)

  1. Health status is embedded directly into the sensor area in the settings panel
  2. Passwords exposed in cleartext and LMP - would be included in the ISPM output
  3. Summary of alerts can be found by exporting the alerts queue or using Advanced Hunting (30 days of data)
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