MDI Sensor updates

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Hi All,
I had a couple of questions regarding the Updates of MDI sensors,

  • In our environment, we have not enabled DC and ADFS server restart option
    also not enabled any of the sensors Automatic restart and Delayed update.
    we have some sensor with older versions, received alerts regarding the same.
    but even then our sensor Status in Dashboard is showing all Up to date.
  • If we enable the Automatic restart and Delayed update for the specific
    sensor(Without enabling the DC/ADFS server restart Button),
    will it restart the whole DC/ADFS server during updates(Major/Minor)
    or only the sensor service in that server will get restarted and updated.

Thanks in Advance

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If you enable restart, it will only restart for major updates which are extremely rare.

Minor /Weekly updates will only restart the sensor services, not the entire machines.