MDI MDE integration

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Are there any know issues with integration if we have 

Azure AD P2 license and Enterprise Mobility+Security G5 GCC?

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No. No known issues. 

The integration is now built-in in the M365 Defender portal: 


Thanks for your reply,
The crux of my problem is when I follow the steps as described in Microsoft MDI docs I see this,
On MDI side,



On MDE side,


It remains pending even after several toggles.

I have a ticket open with Microsoft and so far it remains unresolved. So Is this licensing issue or something more basic? (part of our infrastructure is Commercial licensed part of it is GCC).

Thank you!

As far as I remember integration between systems in GCC and systems in public cloud is blocked on purpose. So if you have MDE in one cloud and MDI on the other, I am pretty sure integration will fail.