Defender for Identity - Update the Access Key on Domain Controller

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Can you update the access key on a domain controller after the sensor is installed? I had a situation that required us to recreate the portal for a domain and now the sensors will not report as the new portal has a different access key. I would rather find a way to update the access key on the DCs then have to remove the sensor and reinstall as that is two reboots on the DCs. 

Any help is appreciated in trying to figure this out.  

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The access key is used only for the initial installation, afterwards all the communication is encrypted on both sides using a certificate created as part of the installation.

If you had to create a new workspace (for a new tenant), there is no way around. You'll need to remove the sensor and reinstall it from a "freshly" downloaded installation package (from the portal, for the correct workspace, as it contains the correct configuration details).

Removing the sensor and reinstalling it again doesn't require restarting the server.