Could ATP identify Brute Force attempts?

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Our auditors request a detection capability for brute force attemps (even if this is unlikely with a ten char complex password), so I tried to simulate this but ATP did not identify any suspicious activity.


Is this something that could be added?


This is the (old fashioned) script I used for this simulation:

for /l %i in (1,1,100) do net use x: \\<my domain name>\c$ /user:administrator BadPassword#%i

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Hi Steffen, 


Had the Administrator user logged successfully from the machine you were running the script? 


If your script is using the same password all the time for the same user, I do not think this is really considered a brute-force. 


There are two flavors of brute-force detection.



Hi Gerson,


the script uses 100 different passwords to connect. I re-run it after successfully logging in with the account first, but there is no event triggered. I also tried multiple wrong passwords in a RDP session, maybe the trigger is very relaxed and will only identify a real machine-based Brute Force attack. I'll need to get a test tool I suppose.



Hi Steffen, 


Can you try using a user account that has not successfully logged into the machine that you are running the script? 


Can you also increase the password count a little? 




Hi Gershon,


I tried with another account and a larger number of attacks - still no alerts generated. Do you have any suggestion for a real brute-force tool to see if it's possible to generate an alert at all?


Best regards