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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Can't access azure atp

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Could using the contoso demo account blocked the user from accessing the azure atp portal despite the user role is global admin. I assgined security admin role to this user additional to global admin role, but the problem still remains. I created this tenant on Microsoft Customer Digital Experience site and it's M365 Enterprise MDATP Lite content pocket.  (

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@Elifarslan Are you trying to access MDATP portal for the first time and what is the exact error you're getting?

@AnuragSrivastava Yes, I am trying to access microsoft defender for identity portal for the first time to enable it for casb and getting an error such "admin@M365x**** does not have permission to access this page" but the user is global and security admin.

@Elifarslan Have you checked if this user has the appropriate (EMS E5) license assigned to.


Yes, Enterprise Mobility&Security E5 license seems assgined to the user.I suppose contoso does not support to access that portal, a real subscripton is required.I can access Microsoft Defender Security center though.

@Elifarslan Yes then it seems that the demo account is not authorized to access Identity Portal.

Someone from Microsoft should be able to answer on this.

@AnuragSrivastava Hi there,

Currently, all M365x accounts created for demo purposes are automatically redirected and granted read access only to the contoso demo tenant for MDI (when you browse to but only once you added the MDI pack to the demo tenant.