Better info on what ATP is

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Hello all,
Is there some information on ATP and how it works.
One place I read, says it is for on-prem environments.
All our stuff is now in Azure, we have no physical, on-prem hardware.

So is ATP still needed for us?

We do use the Security Center to process logs and send alerts.
Is ATP part of that?

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There is often confusion between the differences of Azure ATP and Office 365 ATP.


Azure ATP is indeed about protecting on premises servers by deploying sensors in your environment, whereas Office 365 ATP allows you to configure advanced anti-phishing policies, safe links, safe attachments and the like.  It depends what you need to protect as to which of these services you are going to need.


Check out - and


Hey thanks for the response.
So in a completely Azure environment, ATP is not something that would be of use?
Just use the stuff that is part of the security center?

I will check out those links.



So O365 ATP is a cloud service which is good to have if you don't have another tool in place for mail hygiene such as something like Mimecast for example.  I like O365 ATP a lot actually.


If you have no on premises active directory infrastructure to monitor, then Azure ATP is of no value.

Thanks for this info.
We are using Outlook on line (Exchange online)
So not only do we have their filtering stuff built in, but we also use ProofPoint email filtering
So far those two things have been working pretty good.

Appreciate your time.