Azure ATP Webinar Recordings


All the recordings of the past webinars have moved to a new location:

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@Valon_Kolica I immensely enjoy the new way Microsoft approach to their audiences and you simplify a hard ATP and security topics in elegant ways. If there are any important notes, they are included as well. 

Time to eliminate of pdf format once for all.  Kudos.



Loved the deployment and config session - just a note - some of the content in it doesnt appear to be reflected in the online documentation yet?


for example the online documentation still states for you to allow * through your proxy rather than <your-instance-name>


How soon will this be updated to reflect the webinar content?


Hi @PJR_CDF, happy to hear that you're enjoying our AATP webinars! Big thanks goes to our presenter @Gershon Levitz! Gershon, can you please comment on the documentation content.  

@Valon_Kolica and @PJR_CDF


I am glad that you enjoyed the webinar. 


Regarding the url we do have this documented here -


I will work with the documentation team to make this more obvious. 



Thanks Gerson,

The documentation I was referring to was here for reference



Ok, now I understand what you are referring to. 


I will work with the doc team to make this clearer.