Auditing when an exclusion is added or removed from Azure ATP

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Trying to ascertain where the configuration in Azure ATP is stored that changes in exclusions can be logged for alerting and or review?

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Currently it is audited in the backend and not customer visible directly.

In case of need , open a support case with the specific data you are interested in from the audit logs, 
And the data will be pulled  for you from the backend.

I am aware that this is planned to be changed at some point and this data is planned to be customer visible, but can't tell you when and how exactly...

@Eli Ofek  Thanks, is there a capability to export the config to JSON similar to ATA which then I could do compares of the configs at different points in time?

@Brogie  Officially no, But unofficially , F12 dev tools might work for what you want, although far from optimal.

Hi @Eli Ofek,

It's quite old issue with auditing but is it already available for customers?

No, there are concrete plans to add it to the new portal ( to M365 Auditing,
But no ETA that I can share yet, sorry.