Web Content Filtering policy - not blocking again this week

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Is anybody experiencing that Web Content Filtering polices are again not working this week - not in Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.  The policies worked briefly last week after 6 weeks of being broken. Now they again appear to not be blocking anything. I just tested on 3 different devices and none of them are blocking restricted categories now:


Device 1&2: Platform version 4.18.23070.1004 / Engine: 1.1.23070.1005

Devices 3: Platform version 4.18.23050.9 / Engine 1.1.23060.1005


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@Blueberry1969 yep i checked mine and its not blocking too, seems a global issue 

@eliekarkafy I am experiencing the same issue.  Has this been resolved?

still experiencing the same issue as well. I will reach out to MDE team.
Hi, I am new to setting up web content filtering, but I have followed all of the steps and watched a youtube video to ensure it was done correctly but none of the websites seem to be blocking across any of our 18 devices. All of my other edge settings seemingly have worked and I can block a specific site independently through intune and this works but not the categories etc. Could it be the same as what you gents all mean? Just not working for the sake of it?
Has anyone got an official update or response from Microsoft on this? We are having the same issue here.
I have had a ticket open with Microsoft support since 8/10. The latest response I received yesterday was "awaiting response from our back-end engineers as they are currently doing some testing on web content filtering".
Yes, quite possibly. You could have all the settings configured correctly and still web content filtering is not working.



The issue appears to be ongoing but no official response from Microsoft as of yet. 


In particular this is affecting endpoints using Windows 11. 

Hi, we're having the same issues with Windows 10 Pro & Business. Doesn't seem to be doing anything, also the audit mode is missing from ours unlike some of the videos I have seen.
This appears to have been resolved in our tenant. Web blocking is suddenly working again across all device groups.

@BillCroteau test yours now, seems MS has fixed the issue with web content filtering