Trial license for Defender Endpoint for Servers

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Hi everyone,


we want to change from Symantec Endpoint Protection to Defender for Endpoint Servers. To have a PoC we wanted to get 5 trial licenses to test it out.

But these licenses are not available in "purchase services" or i look at the wrong place.

Are there trial licenses available?


We already rolled out the clients and wanted our servers to follow.


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@StephanGee I don't believe there are trial licenses available for the "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Server Standalone" license in the traditional sense. See here for the licensing requirements.


You could use Azure Security Center together with Azure Defender though, I believe this offers a 30 day trial and as part of Azure Defender you also get server licenses for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

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The Microsoft Defender for Endpoint trial is good for both clients and servers:
That sounds great!!
I am asking our billing administrator if i am allowed to do it that way and get back with the result.
Thanks for your help.
I applied and waiting for confirmation
What is the login page after you've been approved for the trial?
The link in the mail is only working once. So the link won't get you anywhere as i already got the licenses into our tenant.
But maybe you can apply again if you cannot find the mail anymore.