Test security products the right way and find new protection features with MDATP evaluation lab
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Security teams are overwhelmed by the variety of and vast amount of security solutions on the market. With each claiming to be better than the next, how can they choose one that actually helps them meet the security needs of their business?


To address these challenges, we created Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection’s evaluation lab, which is now generally available!


With evaluation lab, new customers can try out Microsoft Defender ATP before they buy it, and existing customers can use it to find new features they might not yet be aware of or run simulation features in action without having to spin up their own test environment.


As many security and IT professionals know, it is important to do a thorough product evaluation when considering any solution before purchasing, but with the resource constraints many companies face today it’s tough to allocate and build the lab of devices needed, ensure that the right configuration settings are in place, and use effective simulations, then drill down into the relevant results to determine if the solution is effective or not. The evaluation lab in Microsoft Defender ATP removes the challenges of machine installation and configuration, and provides the perfect environment to verify a potential platform and learn about new features, allowing security experts to familiarize themselves with the product, learn about new features or use the lab environment for attack simulations. No other vendor offers a solution like evaluation lab for their suite.


Evaluation Lab enables security teams to:

  • Skip the complexities of setting up and maintaining lab environments.
  • Create up to three machines with one click. Each machine is directly onboarded to their Microsoft Defender ATP environment and comes with the latest Windows 10, Office, Sysinternals, Java and more.
  • Run advanced attacks that are contained in this virtual environment to keep data safe.
  • Get guidance on how to conduct scenario-based simulations with do-it-yourself tutorials in the portal.
  • View everything in one place with real-time overview of results and a full report right on the dashboard.
  • Get an ideal environment to verify the practical potential of the platform and learn about new features



“With Microsoft Defender ATP evaluation labs we are able to quickly built up a contained environment to simulate real-world attacks and understand their extent. In combination with our threat intelligence we additionally use evaluation labs to get our customers connected with new features within Microsoft Defender ATP or extended scenarios across Microsoft security solutions."” – Alexander Benoit, Lead Security Analyst, sepago


Try Out Evaluation Lab Today

For everyone who didn’t try evaluation lab out yet, now it’s time! Evaluate Microsoft Defender ATP, try new features, run attack simulations… take the product out for a spin.  :smile:

To access the evaluation lab select Evaluation and tutorials > Evaluation lab directly from the navigation menu.




The introduction page comes with a link to the evaluation guide which contains tips and recommendations to keep in mind when evaluating an advanced threat protection product.


More information can also be found in the announcement blog and our documentation.

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