Slowness when starting program. What is "TrustCheck"?

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Hello everyone, I'm experiencing slowness when starting a program. I've added an exception for this process within the Defender settings, but the program still starts slowly. I've conducted an analysis with New-MpPerformanceRecording, and it returns the following: MpPerformanceRecording.jpg


Can someone tell me what "TrustCheck" exactly means? And how can I disable this for a process?

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@Wklein24 Good morning.  Did you ever find your answer to the question?  I'm curious if you had to add your files to the custom indicators in Defender?

@jmcgowan32223 In our case, WDAC was in audit mode (intune) which caused the slowness. After turning off WDAC everything was fast again. Please note that turning it off forces a reboot.

How exactly did you turn it off?