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On November 10, 2020, Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Endpoint DLP (Data Loss Prevention). Endpoint DLP is a native integrated experience that identifies and protects sensitive information accessed by information workers in the applications they use every day. It is part of Microsoft Information Protection, an intelligent, unified, and extensible solution to know your data, protect your data, and prevent data loss across all the touchpoints within an enterprise – including Microsoft 365 apps and services, on-premises file stores, endpoint devices, and third-party SaaS applications and services. 


Seamless Endpoint DLP onboarding for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customers

As a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customer, you can take advantage of a seamless onboarding to Endpoint DLP.


If you own the required licenses, all it takes is a single click in Microsoft 365 Compliance portal’s device onboarding the to enable Endpoint DLP across all your Windows 10 devices that are onboarded to Defender for Endpoint.

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If you don’t own the appropriate license, we encourage you to try out our Endpoint DLP capabilities by signing up for a free trial of Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance, available through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

For more information, read our official documentation on Endpoint DLP onboarding.

Once a device is onboarded, Endpoint DLP automatically provides  telemetry information and data discovery capabilities for sensitive data out of the box. Endpoint DLP monitors sensitive data for file access, copy, paste, print and saving to removable media, file shares and uploads via browsers for Office 365, PDF, and CSV files without requiring the configuration of policies. Endpoint DLP also analyzes files for sensitivity related information by parsing the file content, extracting sensitive information types, and  assigned sensitivity label, if it exists. This telemetry is available in Activity Explorer, alongside similar telemetry from other Microsoft workloads.


This telemetry data provides a direct view into information worker’s regular interactions with sensitive information and can be used to streamline the identification and deployment of DLP policies that would have the most significant impact on improving the overall security posture of the organization by reducing the risk of sensitive data loss.  


Deprecating Azure Information Protection integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint has an integration with Azure Information Protection (AIP) that shares sensitive data user activity and device risk data. This information is stored in the Log Analytics workspace and is displayed in the AIP Analytics screens, along with the other AIP audit logs. It is an integration has been available to customers as part of a Public Preview.


Endpoint DLP incorporates an improved discovery and protection solution for sensitive data stored on endpoint devices that facilitates greater visibility and integration between solutions. On March 29, 2021, the current integration between Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and AIP will be deprecated. Existing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customers who have been using the Public Preview of the AIP integration are encouraged to move to Endpoint DLP and enjoy the improved security capabilities and activity visibility in . For more information about Endpoint DLP, see please read our documentation as well as our announcement blog.


The integration is controlled by an on/off toggle in the Microsoft Defender Security Center under Settings -> Advanced features:



When deprecated, this setting will be removed, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will not forward signals to Azure Information Protection.


If you haven’t yet tried out Endpoint DLP, sign up for a free trial in the Microsoft 365 admin center.


If you’re not yet taking advantage of Microsoft’s industry leading optics and endpoint security capabilities, sign up for a free trial of Microsoft Defender Endpoint today.

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