Pie Chart not displaying correct values (Kusto)

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I'm trying to produce a pie chart from a simple hunting query.  The problem is, the pie chart does not match the data in the table- it seems to be cumulative.


This is the table:

GB	37
US	30
DE	8
SG	7
IN	6
BR	6
PL	4
TR	3
BE	3
TH	3


And if  I produce a chart (using the drop down or the render command), this is what I see. GB has a value of 37, US 67 (ie GB+US), and DE 75 (ie GB+US+DE).




What have I missed?



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Is it possible for you to share the query?
Well I went to grab the saved query, and the chart now displays correctly, with no changes. The wonders of SaaS.