On board workgroup machines to defender for endpoint

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Hello Team,

We have few workgroup machines which we wanted to on board to MDE manually however could not get any MS doc which outlines the steps for on boarding workgroup machines to defender for endpoint hence need help from MDE community.

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Just go to Settings -> Endpoints -> Onboarding and use one of the options there
No option for workplace joined devices.
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There is no option for domain joined devices either. It's irrelevant as far as onboarding MDE is concerned. Just run the onboarding script or whatever other tool you have available.
As @jbmartin6 wrote, download and use the local script to onboard such machines
This is interesting. So if we have like 400 workgroup devices, you suggest to execute the script manually on every device?
Why not use Security Management?
If you can manage them centrally somehow, of course you do it that way.