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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Office 365 Threat Intelligence connection insufficient rights


Since today Defender Security Center lets me know, that the Office 365 Threat Intelligence connection is pending because insufficient rights. Even though my account is global admin and security administrator.


Am I doing something wrong here?

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@NinjaKitty I have this same problem and I cannot figure out why. I know this was on last week because I flipped on Allow or Block File. Anybody have any ideas? 

Can confirm that I have a customer with the same issue.
Looks like a bug

@NinjaKitty I can support this issue. Same problem here. 
No fix found yet. 
We were trying with a security admin, no success.
Next step would be trying with a global admin, but did not perform this test yet. 


None the less, it states that Security admin should be enough.

@NinjaKitty Same issue here. 
We have this on tenants in Europe, and South Africa. 

same issue with our tenant and we also had it enabled for quite some time before this.

@NinjaKittyWe are having the same issue. The setting was previously turned on.

@NinjaKitty, are you still facing this issue? We are. I have raised a ticket with Microsoft Support - so far nothing has helped. 

@TechUser152 I am still facing this issue today, no success. I think it's still working from what I can see in the 'Threat Explorer' dashboard. But it doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy knowing its in a 'Pending' state. I have searched everywhere, I don't think this is a permissions issues cause neither Global Admin or Security Admin do the trick. I am curious to what Microsoft has to say if you could share that with us, thank you - you rock.




@TechUser152 The error still persists. Premium support would be a good idea for us too.

Its fixed for us now.

Thank you for the follow up. Did they say it’s causing an issue or is it just the display that’s messed up? I’m assuming you have to open a case and they fix it or is there a public KB?

@TechUser152 can you share the reason for the issue? For me the connections is still "pending".

Strange! Now its broken again at our end. Anyway, Microsoft has said its a known issue so I will let them sort it out. I assume we will get an update on our ticket once they have found the root cause.

@TechUser152 The error message is gone for me now.


Happy Holidays!

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@NinjaKitty, ours too. MS confirmed this to me this morning also. I have closed the ticket :) 

@TechUser152, what did you do to make it go away? i'm a security admin/global admin in both AAD and Security & Compliance
It went away by itself once Microsoft said the issue was resolved. If you still see the issue, I suggest you raise a ticket.