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We are having issues with setting up mixed subscription in our MS Defender / Settings / Endpoint / Licences. We do have Plan 1 and Plan 2 available, and currently few Plan 2 licences are unassigned which we want to attach to specific devices. Naturally, the rest would be assigned Plan 1. We have tried manually tagging the devices with "License MDE P1" and leaving out those that we want to assign to Plan 2. We have also tried setting up a dynamic rule in which we would, for example, create a tag for those (intended Plan 2) devices, and then set a rule that does not include that specific tag. Everything we tried just moved all of our devices to Plan 2, obviously assigning more licences than we have available.
Can you help with this issue, and possibly provide information on where the mistake is being made on our side?

We have followed the official documentation on this matter and believe that we did not leave out anything. 

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide us!

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Hello @aleks32 


Have you enabled mixed license mode also in Ms Defender for Endpoint?

In defender portal ( go to settings -> endpoints -> licenses.

Subscription state -> manage subscription

Here you need to select the option to mixed mode. Choose what devices get plan 1 the rest will get P2 automatically.



you need to create a device tag (for example MDE P1 License.





Hope this can help you.

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Hi @WimVClapdurp, yes, we have enabled the mixed licensing and completed all the steps you mentioned, and no luck. We have been running the custom dynamic rule for 2 days now and we still have overlapping with the licenses - more licenses used in plan 2 than we have assigned. 


I think this is by design. I have the same the feature enables the P2 licenses to all other devices not addes with your tag.