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Migrate the old Power BI App to Microsoft Defender ATP Power BI templates!
Published Jun 04 2020 01:26 AM 11.9K Views

Several months ago, we talked about creating custom reports using Microsoft Defender ATP APIs and Power BI, and shared samples for alert management, device network overview, and a threat and vulnerability report.

We’re happy to share that in the past few months we have extended the Microsoft Defender ATP Power BI GitHub repo and enhanced the set of complementary APIs to help address additional reporting use cases in your organization.

The Power BI GitHub now provides Microsoft Defender ATP customers a self-service repository to build on top of a pre-built set of reports that can easily be connected to their own data and are extendable to address additional experiences, leveraging the rich and complete set of APIs available in Microsoft Defender ATP. You can even integrate third-party data sources to further enhance the data set.

As part of this overall alignment, we are deprecating the previous Power BI connector, and are asking you to use the new templates instead. The migration is easy and straight forward.  


The old Power BI connector will be available for the next weeks, until July 5th, 2020. We will then discontinue support for the old application.   

Migration path 
The old report is fully replaced by the brand-new templates available in our GitHub:
Administration and Management:



Threat and vulnerability management:


Simply download these reports and add a connection the relevant tables:




In Power BI, select Organizational account > Sign in


Enter your credentials and wait to be signed in
Click Connect


You can extend and create your own dashboard or simply build on top of these.

Additional resources:
Learn to create a Power BI report on top of Microsoft Defender ATP APIs


Talk to us 

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at the Microsoft Defender ATP community if you have any questions or concerns. 

@Efrat Kliger



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