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Microsoft Defender ATP evaluation lab is now available in public preview
Published Jul 23 2019 11:38 AM 39.9K Views

Conducting a thorough product evaluation is an integral step when considering any product or solution. Proof-of-concepts (POCs) are done to demonstrate the capabilities of a product and see how it performs under certain scenarios. However, running an evaluation can be a challenging task and typically require: having a lab of devices, ensuring that the right configuration settings are in place, using effective simulations, and then drilling down into the relevant results.


Imagine if you can skip all those complexities and just be able to jump right into running attack simulations? With the Microsoft Defender ATP evaluation lab, you can do just that! Designed to eliminate the challenges of machine and environment configuration, the lab enables you to focus on evaluating the capabilities of the platform, running simulations, and seeing the prevention, detection, and remediation features in action.


It provides the perfect environment to verify the practical potential of the platform and learn about new features, allowing security experts to really take the product out for a spin.


Use the provisioned machines


The evaluation lab allows you to create up to three machines with a click of a button. Each machine is provisioned for you by Microsoft Defender ATP and is available for all your testing needs for three days.


You won’t need to worry about setting it up – they’ll come with the latest and greatest Windows 10 installed, they’ll be onboarded to your environment, and configured with all the Microsoft security baseline settings in place in audit mode.


Connect to the machines


You’ll be able to connect to the machines via RDP, allowing you to run any simulation you’d like to conduct.


Machines come pre-installed with useful tools such as Office, Sysinternals, Java and more, to quickly get you up and running.


Another key feature of the environment is that the provisioned machines are contained in their own virtual network, allowing you to run advanced simulations such as lateral movement activities with no worries on the safety of your environment.




Conduct simulations


Not sure where to start? Fret not! You can use the Do-it-yourself scenarios available from right within the portal. They provide thorough guidance on how to conduct scenario-based simulations.


View results


Evaluation results are presented all in one place. The lab provides a dashboard with real-time overview of the evaluation results, along with a full report to help you determine how the capabilities performed against your simulations.




For more information, see the Microsoft Defender ATP evaluation lab documentation.

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