Microsoft Defender ATP API (software inventory)

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Hi Community,


I'm trying to get "Software inventory" (Microsoft Defender Security Center -> Machines list -> `anyone of machines` -> Software inventory) with REST API.

I can get machines list with API referencing this site (



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Sorry, I forgot to write a question...

I want to know the API for getting software inventory.
Have you heard of that kind of API?


Hi @sho-kakei, we are adding it to the API, it should be announced next month. 

Thank you so much.

Hi @Ben_Alfasi what's the status of this? If it has been released if you can point me to the documentation that would be great

@Ben_Alfasi  I second this. Has this been released yet?

Hi @Ben_Alfasi  , same for me - accessing the software inventory and the associated vulnerable machines is a plus plus for automating patch management . Can you update on a release date ?


Thanks, Maya

@sho-kakeiif you are using API to read software inventory, can you please share some details on the feature? For example how reliable this information is and how timely it is? Have you seen conflicts where Software inventory reporting missing patches, while Windows update reports no new updates?

What do you you when information not showing up for certain nodes, how do you "bounce" it?