Local onboarding: Meaning of 10 devices

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Hi @all,


I have a question regarding the onboarding via local script.


You can find a hint from Microsoft that 10 devices can be onboarded via this script. What does it mean?

Can I only onboard 10 devices and the 11th device can't be onboarded?

Or can I onboard 10 devices and then I have to generate/use the next script?


Can't find any informations in the Microsoft docs.


Thx in advance :)

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The meaning here is that you are only supposed to use this for testing, rather than large-scale deployments. 

It may not be completely clear looking at the documents, but the official stance is that onboarding via the local script is not supported in production environments.


There are no hard stops that prevents you from onboarding the 11th device,

but it (at least used to) onboards MDE and sets a higher telemetry upload frequency than usual, which could have some effect on the network.