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This problem has been solved.

After a long line of support mail after contacting Microsoft Support and sending in source code.



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This issue has been solved.

This issue has been solved.

I'm sorry to ask you this (because so far it's unclear for us other readers), but about your whitelisting expectations, did you mean you already submitted your file via 'WDSI Submit a file' public web page, by using the [ Software developer ] button that is meant for 'Software providers wanting to validate detection of their products' and after reading the official 'submission guidelines' ? 0:-) 

You can submit the file to MS to adjust the reputation at their end. Alternatively you can create a custom alert rule to ignore alerts for this file.

This issue has been solved.



I have no authorization to directly access your current submission results, and I'm sorry I didn't properly noticed you already shared the image with MS Analyst answer.

I'm unsure if as Defender for Endpoint customer you might really receive any notification that your false positive exclusion has been added, so basically I had to wait for at least 2 or 3 public version signatures after 1st one that after MS own test no more reported application I submitted as 'false positive' (& it was also then that I found out that for such own tests MS typically uses more updated signature versions not yet released to public and sometime even never to be released). When in the past I also reported last false positive I met they were even not prepared to ease reporting submissions as 'Incorrectly detected as malware/malicious' and even 'Incorrectly detected as PUA (potentially unwanted application)' that instead now they allow, so at least I'm happy that past suggestions I gave them about possibly doing this ASAP have already been implemented :smile: 

This issue has been solved.

@ietmie thanks for sharing where you took the idea of building your such impressive list of reasons :stareyes: using those same classifications documented by Microsoft and while also explaining why your application is indeed a legitimate one and neither malware or PUP.

P.S. I'm just unsure what posting here your self-certification might really mean but anyway I can surely agree with you that it's a good example of what to expect that a legitimate application should never do and at same time also always do.

P.P.S. If you believe you were finally able to reach a definitive solution just because of my past Wed 24 April thread update, then please feel very free to also mark that a solution... :happyface: Thx in advance


The issue has been solved after a long line of support mail.
Thank you very much for your support.
My application is now scanning clean after look-over by Defender specialists.


You're very welcome :stareyes:.

P.S. Once again if you believe you were finally able to reach a definitive solution also because of my past Wed 24 April thread update, then please just feel very free (and happy if you like) to also mark that a solution... :stareyes: