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Evaluation Lab: Expanded OS support & Atomic Red Team simulations
Published Nov 22 2021 09:30 AM 10.8K Views

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s Evaluation Lab is an environment that allows security teams to seamlessly test their defense against threats. We are excited to share that the Evaluation Lab now supports adding Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, and Linux devices. In addition, we’d also like to announce a new partnership with Red Canary’s open-source simulation library, Atomic Red Team! 


NOTE: Both updates are only available in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal at


Expanded OS support

The evaluation lab now supports the following operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 and Linux (Ubuntu). To create a new device, simply select it within the “Add device” wizard. The new device will automatically be onboarded with no required additional steps.




Once created, you can connect to the device via RDP (Windows) or SSH (Linux). You can connect to a Linux device using any SSH client.




Atomic Red Team simulations

Powered by Red Canary, Atomic Red Team is an open-source library of tests that security teams can use to simulate adversarial activity in their environments. Atomic tests are simple – each test is mapped to a single MITRE ATT&CK® technique or sub-technique, most of them have no prerequisites, and many come with easy-to-use configuration and cleanup commands.

Evaluation Lab users can now use Atomic Red Team simulations to evaluate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s detection capabilities against both Windows and Linux threats. The simulations are provided as script files, so that security teams can choose to run them in the Evaluation lab or any other testing environment of their choice.




The first simulation, 2021 Threat Detection Report, executes tests according to Red Canary’s latest report of top Windows techniques associated with confirmed threats, as compiled from roughly 20,000 confirmed threats detected across customer environments.


The second simulation, Linux techniques, is a collection of simple tests compiled to allow security teams to evaluate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s detection capabilities against common Linux persistence, discovery, and defense evasion techniques.


We’re looking forward to you trying out the Evaluation Lab updates. Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below or through the feedback tool in the portal!

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