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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Defender for Endpoint P2 Licencing

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Hey folks, hope you are doing well!

I need some help with the licencing of MDE P2. 
I heard that the licence is user-oriented, and 1 licence can be applied to 5 devices. 


I know that may be a silly question, so sorry for that. 
But, all this 5 devices need to be linked with the same Microsoft Account of the user with the licence? 

For example, my company have 60 users. And, the following devices:

- 15 smartphones

- 50 windows notebooks

- 20 linux notebooks

(all end-user devices, we are 100% cloud, so no Servers)


We need to adquire 60 MDE P2 licences that can be used in 300 devices (60 users * 5 devices/user), or I need to buy like 20 MDE P2 licences that will be used in about 100 devices (in that way, 1 licence can be used between 5 different devices with different microsoft accounts)?

Better explanation; can i use the "5 devices per licence" interchangeably between the 60 users? Or all the 5 devices need to be registered with the same user?

Thanks :)

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best response confirmed by Mauricio_siq (Copper Contributor)

If you have 60 users, you need 60 licenses.

The 5 device limit just means that each user can use (be signed into) 5 devices at any one time.


MDE itself does not explicitly link devices to any specific user, so there is no check for how many devices each user has though.

Thanks for the explanation :)

Can you help me with one more thing?

To deploy the P2 functionalities of MDE, Windows users need to have the Pro or Enterprise edition? Or a Windows 10 Home edition user, for example, can use all the P2 functionalities too?
As is listed in the minimum requirements, you need either Pro, Enterprise or Education editions to run MDE.
Thanks a lot Jonas!