Defender For Endpoint P1 And P2 Can Onboard Windows Server On-Prim ?

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I tried running local Script for On-Board but it works it's add on centralization management and can protect like End-point machine too but I see many Microsoft document says it doesn't support for Windows Server which if you want to use it, you have to use  Defender for cloud. P1 and P2 which is a service on Azure only, please confirm for meIt's a side hammer that would be extremely confusing. 


This is My Lic Defender for-endpoint P2 



local Script can Be on board Windows Server 


Can Working on centralization management :facepalm:



Document Not Support ? 






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Defender for Endpoint licenses is designed to Endpoint Devices only (Workstation + Mobile).
As you can see in the attached picture you can implement it like you did but it is not license compliant.

If you want deploy Defender For Servers you should use Defender for Cloud for Servers.