Why is this a High severity Alert with Suspicious Activity as classification?


System alert: Network Requirements Update for API Connectors


There must be better ways of allowing customers to deal with Connector-updates?

I also couldn't find a Policy or Template in which I could tune/manipulate severity, threshold or turning it off?

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@Ingemar Josefsson 

I have now had 3 of these annoying alerts!

14-10-2021 10:05PM

20-10-2021 11:52PM

28-10-2021 5.59PM


We have alerts setup for "Severity: HIGH", which generate tickets etc, and Wake people up who are On-Call!!!
Can these not be sent via email as normal notifications, instead of "High severity" Alert with "Suspicious Activity"

If these continue, I will be forced to turn off the alerts.. which really defeats the purpose??!!