Using Powershell to run MCAS REST API. Limit issues

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Hi all,


I am working on using the MCAS REST API via powershell to retrieve activities from one user. I have been able to get a powershell script to run successfully but i have issues raising the limit of records to 5000.

By default it is 100 but using the Scanning mode (isScan = "true") feature in the filter section, i am able to get 500 but not 5000.


Firstly, does anyone use powershell to perform their REST API call? is there a easier way? I cannot install python on my device so only have what is standard on Windows.


Secondly, can anyone help me on how to raise the limit to 5000 (or more if possible)?





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Are you following this guidance for handling "nextQueryFilters" to get all the data you are wanting?