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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Replicating MCAS policies

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Just wondering if there is a way to replicate or script MCAS policies and/or add our own templates. For example, several policies that we apply to every managed customer with minor tweaks.

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Currently, this functionality is not available.

This is a valid feature request and is on our Roadmap, though, it is not planned in the upcoming 6 months.

We'll let the community know once this is available.

Thanks for raising this scenario.


Boris Kacevich,

MCAS Product manager


Hi @Boris_Kacevich 


Is there any update on this at all?

Hi @David Caddick ,


Unfortunately, this is not possible yet.

Saying that, if you could share with me the policy templates you wish to add, we can consider adding them to the product to be available out of the box.

If you are willing to discuss this further, please contact me directly at 




Thanks Boris, I was more or less looking to see how much we could automate the Pilot/Production rollout of this for a number of customers... Is it not possible via the Graph API perhaps?
It's been 2 years, is there a way to retrieve, modify, or create policies programmatically? I tried reviewing the documentation but I didn't see it, maybe I just missed it.