PowerBi Session Control - Inspection Method -

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I built a simple Session Control that apply sensitivity labels to downloaded file to Power BI

The following policy would have Sensitivity Labels on download.

The policy works, when data is downloaded on PowerBI Cloud, the file downloaded gets a label.


However when I use the Inspection Method to detect PCI (Credit Card) in the downloaded file therefore add Sensitivity Labels only when Data Classification Service detect data, the files gets downloaded without any labels. (SEE POLICY ATTACHED)


I also tried the Inspection Method with just Built-in DLP and custom expression. As soon as I add the Inspection Method the policy is bypassed.


The PowerBI content as rows of DLP Test Contents.


If I set the Default Behavior to block, then i get a General Failure (See Attached)




Any suggestions?

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@Desm_Phil Thanks for the question! Could you actually open a support ticket on this? 




can you confirm the size of the files downloaded? Also, trying checking the box saying "Treat Files too large for being scanned as match". If you are still encountering an issue, please open a support case.