Planning CAS Configuration Settings

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Does anyone have any suggestions about how to document the configuration settings that should be implemented by CAS admins? I'm thinking about a checklist or questionnaire to help gather requirements from various stakeholders.


Along the same lines, how can we document the implemented settings and be notified about any changes.

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Hi Dean,
Could you elaborate on the requirement here?
We have the getting started guide in our docs: which covers the initial configuration that should be done for a new tenant.


@Dima DonhinI'm a consultant and I'm thinking that many CAS Admins may not be the ultimate decision makers about which policies should be implemented and how the configuration options should be set. It could be helpful to have a worksheet to gather and document requirements from the various stakeholders so that the admins who are configuring the settings have something to refer to instead of having to make all of the decisions on their own.

I've done this type of thing with SharePoint and Teams, and it has been successful.

I'm also concerned about long term change management of the CAS configuration. If certain policies have specific requirements, how can we ensure that the settings are not changed by new admins?

Hi, I am also looking for requirement gathering templet to implement MCAS for my customer.