Non-Admin notifications and Inactive Users

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Hi All,


We have been using the pre-built in templates with CAS and I was wondering if it was possible to do the following:


  • SharePoint - We have our SharePoint pretty well secure, but wanted to know if there was a way to notify that owner of the site whether or not someone has unauthorized access outside of a specific security group. 
  • Inactive Users - I read that there was a policy alert template already built in to notify admins if there is inactive users past 60 days, but cannot find that. Is there any easy way to create one?



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Hi William,

1. Its definitely possible - you can create an activity policy with a filter of User -> From Group -> Not equals a specific group, and choose to send the alert via email - providing the relevant email address.

2. Its not possible with a policy, but you can do to the Users and Accounts page under investigation and filter for all users with a Last Seen date longer than 60 days ago.




Thanks Dima. I will look into creating this manually for SP notification and will just have to do an audit every so often until they have a built-in alert.