No recent status for Office 365 App Connector

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Busy playing around with this to see what functionality may be useful in my lab tenant, but I seem to be having issues since yesterday.


The Office 365 connector is reporting 'No Recent Status' and 'Test Now' never complete's.

I've disabled and re-enabled it, and it shows as connected from 10.20am this morning but still no recent status. 

Looking at Sources -> Log Collector the last data received is "7/14/20, 12:21 AM" for Cloud App Security Proxy.

My Access policy I have configured is working, and I've tried creating some session policy's today that don't seem to be working. I have zero events/logs coming through despite multiple logins on different test accounts.


As for my setup I've configured a conditional access policy in Azure AD to use a custom policy for all users, Auditing in O365 is turned on. I've tried removing and re-adding all sorts of things, including re-licencing users for MCAS but I still don't seem to be getting anywhere?


Anyone else came across this, is there a tick box or something I'm missing!


Many thanks in advance.


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Recently I have have been experiencing quite some delay until the connector gets to the 'connected' status. Might just need a wait a while until it's connected. 


This took half a day: 



And the 'Test now' ran but gave nu results. 

Might just need good old fashioned patience in this case. 

Same issue and I waited 7 days and still " no recent status".