Need for proxy bypass for deploying MCAS log collector

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Hi All,

I have 2 doubts regarding MCAS log collector deployment


  1. While going through Microsoft documentation I found that we have to bypass proxy authentication for deploying log collector. What happens if we don't bypass the proxy authentication?
  2. Below is a sample image of log collector from Microsoft documentation (echo 6f19225ea69cf5f178139551986d3d797c92a5a43bef46469fcc997aec2ccc6f) | docker run --name MyLogCollector -p 21:21 -p 20000-20099:20000-20099 -e "PUBLICIP=''" -e "PROXY=" -e "" -e "COLLECTOR=MyLogCollector" --security-opt apparmor:unconfined --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN --restart unless-stopped -a stdin -i starter

         So in the field bolded " PROXY=" ,  what does providing the proxy ip and               port do in this case?


Please provide answers asap..



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PROXY= - If you have a Proxy deployed in your environment, this is how you would configure the Log Collector to send traffic to it. The IP is the IP of your Proxy and the port is the port your Proxy appliance needs to be listening on for traffic from the Log Collector. 


I'm not sure about bypassing authentication. I haven't heard of that and can't find it in documentation. Would you mind linking the article you saw this at?