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Hi all,


Is there any plans to add MS Teams a connected app?  It would be nice to have visibility over guest accounts, what data is being shared, how long since it has been accesses (stale accounts/Objects) etc. 


I understand that you might not be able to announce anything at this time. I am happy to raise it via user voice if need be.



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Hi @MartinSmith ,


We already support activities from MS Teams via our Office 365 integration.
The activities that are supported are all the activities audited by MS Teams (such as Deleted channel, Change the role of members, sign in, added channel, added members and more).

Regarding data sharing, as Teams uses Sharepoint for its files, the best practice is to utilize the file policy with the Sharepoint context. 


We do have plans to extend the support and once available it will be shared in our release notes here:



Boris Kacevich

Thanks for the information @Boris_Kacevich.  I had forgotten the sharing for teams was done via Sharepoint.


I am don't have access to an environment with both Teams and MCAS at the moment. So I can't investigate this question myself sadly. Does MCAS show/tag if the information was shared from Teams via Sharepoint compared to just sharing directly from Sharepoint?  This is handy to know when notifying users as they aren't going to know or care that Sharepoint is the sharing mechanism for Teams.


Are you able to shed any light on if Teams will be included as a session control app in the near future?



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Hi @MartinSmith 

We currently do not tag the origin of the file in Teams. but, I will add this request as well.

Regarding support for Teams in Session control, this is already available and was announced in our release notes which I really recommend to follow.