Microsoft Defender for Cloud Cost Estimation Dashboard
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This blog was updated on April 16th, 2023 to reflect the latest version of the Cost Estimation workbook.


Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides advanced threat detection capabilities across your cloud workloads. This includes comprehensive coverage plans for compute, PaaS and data resources in your environment. Before enabling Defender for Cloud across subscriptions, customers are often interested in having a cost estimation to make sure the cost aligns with the team’s budget. We previously released the Microsoft Defender for Storage Price Estimation Workbook, which was widely and positively received by customers. Based on customer feedback, we have extended this offering by creating one comprehensive workbook that covers most Microsoft Defender for Cloud plans. This includes Defender for Containers, App Service, Servers, Storage, Cloud Security Posture Management and Databases.


The Cost Estimation workbook is out-of-the box and can be found in the Defender for Cloud portal.

How to locate the Cost Estimation WorkbookHow to locate the Cost Estimation Workbook


After reading this blog and using the workbook, be sure to leave your feedback to be considered for future enhancements. Please remember these numbers are only estimated based on retail prices and do not provide actual billing data. For reference on how these prices are calculated, visit the Pricing—Microsoft Defender | Microsoft Azure.



The cost estimation workbook provides a consolidated price estimation for Microsoft Defender for Cloud plans based on the resource telemetry in your organization’s environment. The workbook allows you to select which subscriptions you would like to estimate the price for as well as the Defender Plans. In a single pane of glass, organizations can see the estimated cost per plan on each subscription as well as the grand total for all the selected subscriptions and plans.

To see which plans are currently being used on the subscription, consider using the coverage workbook.


Defender Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Defender CSPM protects all resources across your subscriptions, but billing only applies to Compute, Databases and Storage accounts. Billable workloads include VMs, Storage accounts, open-source relational databases and SQL PaaS & Servers on machines. See here for more information regarding pricing.


On the backend, the workbook checks to see how many billable resources were detected and if any of the above plans are enabled on the subscription. It then takes the number of billable resources and multiplies it by the Defender CSPM price.

Defender for App Service

The estimation for Defender for App Services is based on the retail price of $14.60 USD per App Service per month. Check out the Defender for App Service Price Estimation Dashboard for a more detailed view on estimated pricing with information such as CPU time and a list of App Services detected.


Defender for Containers

The estimation for Defender for Containers is calculated based on the average number of worker nodes in the cluster during the past 30 days. For a more detailed view on containers pricing such as average vCores detected and the number of image scans included, consider also viewing the stand-alone Defender for Containers Cost Estimation Workbook.


Defender for Databases

 Pricing for Defender for Databases includes Defender for SQL Databases and Defender for open-source relational databases (OSS DBs). This includes PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB. All estimations are based on the retail price of $15 USD per resource per month. On the backend, the workbook runs a query to find all SQL databases and OSS DBs in the selected subscriptions and multiplies the total amount by 15 to get the estimated monthly cost.


Defender for Key Vault

Defender for Key Vault cost estimation is not included in the out of the box workbook, however, a stand-alone workbook is available in the Defender for Cloud GitHub. The Defender for Key Vault dashboard considers all Key Vaults with or without Defender for Key Vault enabled on the selected subscriptions. The calculations are based on the retail price of $0.02 USD per 10k transactions. The “Estimated Cost (7 days)” column takes the total Key Vault transactions of the last 7 days, divides them by 10K and multiples them by 0.02. In “Estimated Monthly Price”, the results of “Estimated Cost (7 days)” are multiplied by 4.35 to get the monthly estimate.


Defender for Servers

Select Defender for Servers Plan 1 or Plan 2Select Defender for Servers Plan 1 or Plan 2


Defender for Servers includes two plan options, Plan 1 and Plan 2. The workbook gives you the option to toggle between the two plans to see the difference in how they would effect pricing. Plan 1 is currently charged at $5 per month where as Plan 2 is currently charged at $15.


Defender for Storage


Defender for Storage pricing workbookDefender for Storage pricing workbook



The Defender for Storage workbook allows you to estimate the cost of the two pricing plans: the legacy per-transaction plan and the new per-storage plan. The workbook looks at historical file and blob transaction data on supported storage types such as Blob Storage, Azure Files, and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2. We have released a new version of this workbook, and you can find it here: Microsoft-Defender-for-Cloud/Workbooks/Microsoft Defender for Storage Price Estimation and learn more about the storage workbook in Microsoft Defender for Storage – Price Estimation blog post.  



Azure Monitor Metrics data backends have limits and the number of requests to fetch data might time out. To solve this, narrow your scope by reducing the selected subscriptions and Defender plans.

The workbook currently only includes Azure resources.



Special thanks to everyone who contributed to different versions of this workbook:  Fernanda VelaHelder PintoLili DavoudianSarah Kriwet, Safeena Begum Lepakshi, Tom Janetscheck, Amit Biton, Ahmed Masalha, Keren Damari, Nir Sela, Mark Kendrick, Yaniv Shasha, Mauricio Zaragoza, Kafeel Tahir, Mary Lieb, Chris Tucci, Brian Roosevelt





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