MCAS File policy does not include files in subfolders


Hi Team


I used MCAS to apply a AIP label to a SharePoint library. I created a file policy, used the 'Parent Folder' filter and had MCAS apply an AIP Label to content in that library. The only issue now is that the label is only applied to documents in the root of that SPO library, not to files in subfolders.

I looked for an 'include subfolders' checkbox but I can't seem to find that.


What am I doing wrong?

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HI Emanuel,
The parent folder filter applies only to the direct folder by design.
If you need your policy to apply to the sub-folders as well you can use the "apply to selected folders" filter which applies the policy to the selected folder and and sub-folders within it.


That worked! Thank you. One thing I additionally noticed was that it did not label some documents but that had to do with the fact that it were older .doc files.