MCAS alerts in O365


You can now view MCAS alerts in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center:


One of the implication of this is that you can view alerts for non-Microsoft services in O365. 

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@Ryan Heffernan Thanks for the heads-up. I read the announcement, but this line from the announcement sounds different to what you said above (emphasis added).


"Microsoft Cloud App Security alerts related to Office apps and services are now available in the Office 365 security and compliance center on the view alerts page. With the addition of these alerts in the compliance center, you now have a central view within one portal. In addition, these same alerts are now available via the Management Activity API."


Can you please check that alerts for non-Microsoft services are viewable in O365 (as you said), or just the alerts related to Office apps and services (as the announcement said)?


Thanks - M.



My understanding is that the feature doesn't differentiate based on the source of the alerts, so it will treat Microsoft and non-Microsoft alerts alike. But, I'll let @Dima Donhin@Danny Kadyshevitch, or @Gal Zilberstein correct me if I am wrong. 

Thanks Ryan. I'll look out for confirmation either way. My expectation - given the positioning of and licensing strategy of Office 365 Cloud App Security vs. Microsoft Cloud App Security - is that it's only the Office 365 alerts that will be piped through. But perhaps there's been a change of heart / strategy.

The folks I looped in are all based in Israel, so may not chime in until tomorrow. If you're on Twitter, you can confirm with Asaf, who was my source of info on this:


He's an executive on our MCAS team, so he's a reliable source.