Initializing "Cloud App Security" - Create "App Connectors"

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I am new to the topic of "Cloud Access Security" and I would like to learn in more detail how to use it.
I have followed the following instructions to initially start:
Gettings started with Cloud App Security | Microsoft Docs
Unfortunately I can't get any further with the step 1 ("Set Instance visibility, protection and governance actions for your apps")

1. From the settings "gear" select  "App Connectors"

Unfortunately I have no menu item called "App Connectors"
















Can someone help me and explain to me what I have to do to get the menu item "App Connectors" displayed for selection?


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@kbrocksi Hi Karsten, what type of license do you have?


Looks like you only have Cloud Discovery license. 

Check this guide to read more about licenses (yeah it's complex) RE2NXYO (