General availability of new capabilities in Azure Defender – RSA 2021
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As we continue our journey to provide world class threat protection for our customers, we announce general availability of our cloud-native breadth threat protection capabilities, deliver better integration with Microsoft’s threat protection portfolio and expand our threat protection for multi-cloud scenarios.

At RSA this year we are happy to announce general availability for our cloud breadth threat protection solutions: Azure Defender for DNS and Azure Defender for Resource Manager. By detecting suspicious management operations and DNS queries, these cloud-native agentless solutions are helping organizations protect all their cloud resources connected to the Azure DNS & Azure management layer from attacks. Together these new solutions provide breadth protection for your entire Azure environment, which is complementary to our existing Azure Defender in-depth protection for popular Azure workloads.

We are also announcing general availability of built-in and custom reports in Security Center: you can leverage built-in reports created as Azure Workbooks for tasks like tracking your Secure Score over time, vulnerability management, and monitoring missing system updates. In addition, you can create your own custom reports on top of Security Center data using Azure Workbooks or pick up workbook templates created by our community, share those across your organization and leverage to relay security status and insights across the organization.  Learn more in Create rich, interactive reports of Security Center data.


At RSA, we are also introducing new capabilities to create a seamless experience between Azure Defender and Azure Sentinel. The enhanced Azure Defender connector, makes it easier to connect to Azure Sentinel by allowing to turn on Azure Defender for some of the subscriptions or for the entire organization from within the connector. We are also combining alerts from Azure Defender with the new raw log connectors for Azure resources in Azure Sentinel. This allows security teams to investigate Azure Defender alerts using raw logs in Azure Sentinel. We also added new recommendations in Azure Security Center to help deploy these log connectors at scale for an entire organization.


Today’s hybrid work environment spans multi-platform, multi-cloud, and on-premises. According to Gartner 2/3 of customers are multi-cloud.  We recently extended the multi-cloud support in Azure Defender to include not just servers and SQL but also Kubernetes – and all using Azure Arc.  Azure Security Center remains the only security portal from a cloud vendor with multi-cloud support including AWS and GCP.


As always - don’t forget to enable Azure Defender for your cloud services and especially for virtual machines, storage, and SQL databases.  Make sure you are actively working to improve your   to improve your security posture and please continue to reach out with feedback.


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