Enabled MCAS in PROD tenant and Site not showing up in 'Select Folders'

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Hi All


I have enabled MCAS yesterday in our PROD tenant which has over 50000 site and tons of files associated with it .


I was trying to put up a policy and select few sites but those are not showing up when I select 'Folders'.Is it because it is still scanning ?..ANy idea on the time duration it takes to scan all the sites ?

Please let me know if any of you had similar experience 





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Hi@Jagadish12 .

The initial scan might take some time depending on the amount of files in the tenant. Give it a few more days and check again.




@Dima Donhin 


Thanks . We started this last thursday and it is 6th day and it sort of stuck in 75000 files 'scanning' .Is there a way to restart and pace up the process ?. Does it really take a week or more ?


Please let me know your thoughts .