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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Collaborator by "any from domain" filter is not working

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When doing a filter on a file and choose Collaborator > Any from domain > "" nothing is returned, and even though there're files that have gmail addresses as a collaborator.


Results are only returned when the owner of the document is but not when a file is shared with a account.


This does mean if we create a file policy from the existing template "File shared with personal email addresses" will not work as it uses the same filters to determine if a file was shared with a gmail account


I have screenshots attached.

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@Khaldoun Almarzouk 




The reason is that OneDrive and SharePoint sharing done via the share link option does not add guests accounts as contributors to files, if you look at the file in MCAS you will see a shared link.xxxxx group with the guests inside.


try adding a Gmail account to a file using the direct access option, it will trigger the policy.

Unfortunately, no one uses the direct access to share files in OneDrive or SharePoint so this template only works for gsuite at the moment.


I’m waiting for updates on this issue, will let you know once I get feedback :)






@Fananico Thanks for the reply. I have contacted support for the issue and I was told that this is a known issue that the development team is working on.


Can you confirm that?



Yes, same answer I got :)