Cloud App Security vs Discovery

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I am pretty confused on the difference between these two products. I'm currently using Cloud App Security with a client ($5/usr) and I access the console from O365 > Admin Centers > Cloud App Security. In the new Azure portal though, there's an Azure AD Cloud App Discovery blade that says I need an Azure AD P1 license to access it, so clearly my Cloud App Security license isn't supposed to be used to access this. Are these the same app? Are they changing the licensing requirements?



Docs for Cloud App Discovery:

Docs for Cloud App Security:

Blog post making them look like the same thing:


Note: The client in question is on Microsoft 365 Business + Cloud App Security + Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection.

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The new azure ad discovery is the MCAS discovery feature set. You said you have MCAS but which license? Standalone or EMS E5? And do you have AAD P1 license?
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Yeah, Cloud App Discovery is just that: Discovery. Provide insights on what Cloud apps are used in the organization.  Licensed with AADP1 or EMS E3.


To have more governance on your Cloud apps, you need the additional Cloud App Security.

@Peter Sterk Do you know of any comparison chart between the 2?