Asset inventory experience in Azure Security Center
Published Jul 29 2020 11:38 AM 9,861 Views

We are delighted to announce that Azure Security Center new asset inventory experience is now available in public preview!


What is the asset inventory experience? 


A novel asset management experience providing you with full visibility over all your Security Center monitored resources.  

This enables you to explore your security posture data in a much deeper and meaningful way with enhanced capabilities to filter, export, cross reference with different resource properties in addition to ASC generated insights.  


This new experience is fully built on top of Azure Resource Graph (ARG) which now stores all of ASC security posture data, and leveraging its powerful KQL engine enables customers to quickly and easily reach deep insights on top of ASC data and cross reference with any other resource properties. 


What can be achieved with this experience?


It is designed to help customers answer questions such as:  

What are all my resources that are covered by Azure Security Center and which of these resources have outstanding security recommendations that should get my attention? 




Find all resources that are vulnerable by a specific vulnerability and has a specific Azure resource tag? 




To view more information about a resource, you can select it. The resource health pane opens. 




These are just few examples of what can be discovered in the new experience, both in the UI and programmatically by calling the queries directly from Azure Resource Graph.

To save the query for later use, export it. 







You can export the retrieved resources to CSV file for further use. 




You can also onboard new Non-Azure servers to Azure Security Center. 



As mentioned above, the Asset Inventory experience is now in public preview and will be improved constantly, stay tuned. 



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