Welcome to the Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management Tech Community
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Welcome to the Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management (MDEASM) Tech Community!


Understanding your external attack surface is critical in this era of digital expansion and hybrid work, as unmanaged resources and shadow IT create an increasingly severe security risk. Since we launched MDEASM over the summer, we've been thrilled to work with organizations of all sizes and complexity that use its unique global attack surface discovery technology to strengthen their security posture.


In the MDEASM Tech Community, we'll share the latest content about how network teams, security defenders, and incident responders can get the most out of MDEASM's industry-leading attack surface management capabilities. The blogs, videos, and training posted here will help you get up-to-speed in identifying, classifying, and prioritizing unknown and unmanaged internet-exposed resources and leveraging insights that help prioritize the most critical risks to your organization. We'll also offer expert how-to guides for integrating MDEASM with other Microsoft Security products and other tools and workflows you already use.


We are also looking forward to hearing from you! The MDEASM Tech Community is a great place to ask us questions and offer our engineering and product teams feedback about what's working well, the unique ways you're leveraging MDEASM, and what you'd like to see us build next.  


Stay tuned for all the latest MDEASM content, including: 


Best practices: MDEASM continuously discovers and maps your digital attack surface to provide the 'outside-in' perspective an attacker has. We'll share the best ways to put this continuously evolving inventory to work, including key integrations with Defender for Cloud, Microsoft Sentinel, and your team's other existing security tools and workflows.


New features and product updates: Microsoft is always innovating and investing to make products that contribute to a safer world. When we launch updates and new features, our community will be some of the first to know. Here, we'll offer a first-hand look at what's next and the opportunities available to MDEASM users.


How MDEASM and Microsoft Security products are better together: Discovering your attack surface is the first step to managing your security posture. When leveraged with other Microsoft Security products, MDEASM enables you to track assets through digital transformation efforts, proactively manage vulnerabilities at a global scale, and find and eliminate cyber risks born from misconfiguration. We'll show you how it's done.


Solutions to today's most demanding IT Challenges: MDEASM helps security teams safely enable complex technology initiatives, including cloud migration, mergers and acquisitions, remote work and shadow IT, and third-party risk. Here, we'll provide all the information you'll need to tackle them.


Access to training, workshops, and certifications: We're committed to preparing the security community to combat the next generation of threats. Come to the MDEASM Tech Community to learn, practice, and become an EASM expert. Visit the MDEASM Tech Community to complete training courses, earn certifications, and even help us teach other cybersecurity pros.    


We want to hear from you! 


MDEASM is made by security professionals for security professionals. Join our community of security pros and experts to provide product feedback and suggestions and start conversations about how MDEASM is helping you manage your attack surface and strengthen your security posture. With an open dialogue, we can create a safer internet together.  

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