What's New in Sales Copilot - February 2024
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Microsoft Copilot for Sales is reimagining sales. Integrated seamlessly into your daily tools across Microsoft 365 and Teams, Copilot for Sales harnesses the power of generative AI and customer data to keep sellers in their flow of work so they can spend more time with customers.


This month, we’re bringing you an exciting enhancement in Collab Spaces, and also highlighting new content, Copilot for Sales Tip Time. 


Enable collab spaces creation and access from lists and cards for Account and Opportunity records.


Today, limited creation and engagement with Collab Spaces represents a lost opportunity. Selling is a team sport and seamless collaboration over key information that moves a deal forward is critical.


We’re excited to announce we’ve added contextual entry points for Collab Spaces by enabling Account and Opportunity collab space creation and access from both record lists and record detail cards.


Here’s how:


From the Sales tab:

  • From a record list, choose the ellipsis menu, and “Teams” to create or access linked Collab Spaces.
  • From a record’s detail view, create or access Collab Spaces linked to that record from the Collaborate in Teams card.


Create and access Collab Spaces from Account and Opportunity records’ list and detail views


Learn more about Collaboration Spaces in Copilot for Sales



Copilot for Sales Tip Time


Copilot for Sales Tip Time can serve as a foundation for your training of Copilot for Sales users, customers, or partners! This content includes use cases and demonstrates how each feature will benefit sellers, administrators, and sales managers.


It aims to assist sellers in understanding the capabilities of Copilot for Sales; providing quick tips, facilitating product learning, and, more significantly, enabling them to make the most of the great features we provide. At the same time, tip time assists administrators who perform customizations and sales managers who need usage data.


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