Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups now rolling out

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Great work @Christophe. I've been using this today.

Will private Yammer groups that are connected to an Office 365 group integrate with Microsoft teams?  Also, is there plans for when you create an Office Group anywhere in the Office 365 suite that you get a prompt if you want your teams conversations to happen in Outlook OR Yammer? 

I really really really hope the ability turn off/disable Group workloads (by group) is coming.

I'm just thinking about all of the Yammer Groups we have that don't need Planner, and other tools.

We are trying to actively move workgroups/teams off of Yammer (and use Group conversations instead) because that makes sense for almost all of formal groups that we previously had discussions in Yammer.

Everything else we were planning to leave in Yammer (large scale "discussion groups" in Yammer and "water cooler" type groups that are JUST and solely for discussions).

Not every group needs every workload, especially public large scale discussion groups.

Additionally, I don't like retrofitting the existing Yammer groups without the ability to turn off those services automatically. I would highly recommend someone enable the https://tenant.sharepoint.com/groups/ path or something similar instead of the "/sites/" path. We will have tons of duplication with urls already in use by group name if you are automatically adding in a ton of site collections.

I'd rather see it be an "opt in" to Group-enable specific Yammer groups.

The Microsoft Tech Community is hosting an AMA next week to help answer questions about this update. 


Join us on Tuesday, March 7th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PST/5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. GMT. Add the event to your calendar. The AMA will take place in the Yammer AMA group


Hope to see everyone there with questions ready!