Teams icon missing in Groups hover card

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Hi all !


I have a weird behavior on a Sharepoint Team site associated with an Office 365 Group :

on the top left of my pages, in the Groups hover card, I can see the icons to group resources ( Outlook, Calendar, Notes, Sharepoint, Planner ), but there is NO icon for Teams.


I am pretty sure I saw it before at this place but I can't see what I could have been doing for it not to appear anymore.


Any tips to help me ? 

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Never seen one for Teams, and I just checked in few tenants I have. Not saying that you have imagined it, but it might have been some test flight or similar.

@Julien MAGNE Hello! Is this Office 365 Group a Teams-enabled group? Not all Office 365 Groups are Teams-enabled (in fact, none are by default), and groups created in Teams are not Outlook/Exchange-enabled since last year.

@Ethan Li I tried for teams-enabled group, I don't get the Teams icon there. Is this supposed to work now, assuming I have just the right flavor of Team/group?

Hi @Vasil Michev,

first thanks for your answer.


I'm 100% sure I saw it on some groups and it was working.


Do you have any idea on who or where I could ask (maybe directly to MS Developpers through a dedicated forum) ?


If this is not an official feature, it sure should be don't you think ?

@Julien MAGNE Ethan is the to-go person on everything groups related, if he tells us it should be available, it should be :)

@Julien MAGNE : I think you're right, Teams icon is now missing since few days ...Group card.JPG

Found here :


Bests regards

Hi folks,


It does seem like something has gone haywire recently here... We're on it!

 Hi @Ethan Li ,


any update on this missing Teams Link ?

Hi @Ethan Li ,


seems groups Hover Card changed again, with ... all icons being removed except "Send mail". :cry:




Some of them (Outlook, Planner, Sharepoint) are displayed beyond with a "See more" link displaying some more, but still not Teams, nor Stream.


The first screenshot I took was just a great feature that allowed a quick and beautyfull navigation between different ressrouces of the same group, that was just awesome.


Now people need 2 mouseover + a scrolldown + a clic to access to less resources of the group !


Any chance this change could be re-evaluated ? :)