Powershell attribute to distinguish where a group was provisioned?

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We would like to determine where a group was provisioned, whether it was Planner, Teams, etc.  Is there a PS attribute that can help with this?

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There is no such attribute today. Stepping back what are you trying to achieve with this information, what's the use case please?

Mainly for reporting and auditing and honestly just curiosity.  We enabled Planner soon after our migration to O365 so I'm sure the majority of our Groups were created there.  Group creation through Outlook/OWA is limited by policy (soon to be enabled for everyone) and now Teams is enabled for everyone.  We want to get a handle on what services everyone is using.


Group expiry will definitely help so we are looking forward to that!

Interesting requirement...curious to know if this kind of information is being registered Today behind the scenes

Shouldn't the auditing controls we have across the service cover that? Granted, they only hold data for 90 days...

You can use the below scripts to find the Groups that were provisioned by Yammer and Teams.


Yammer integrated Office 365  Group List

Get-UnifiedGroup |Where-Object {$_.ProvisioningOption -eq 'YammerProvisioning'} |select DisplayName,Alias,ProvisioningOption,GroupSKU,SharePointSiteUrl,SharePointDocumentsUrl,AccessType

Teams group List

Get-UnifiedGroup |Where-Object {$_.ProvisioningOption -eq 'ExchangeProvisioningFlags:481'}|select DisplayName,Alias,ProvisioningOption,GroupSKU,SharePointSiteUrl,SharePointDocumentsUrl,AccessType

Similarly we expect MSFT to work on for Planner.

Today there is not determistic way of knowing where the group is created from via PowerShell. This is something we have on our backlog and don't have a date we can share.

Using ExchangeProvisioningOption is NOT recommended since not all apps leverage it plus you can create a Teams against an existing Group for instance and this is not reflected in the script below.

Best you can do today is leverage the audit logs instead.

Is this situation still the same. Can we use Provisioningoption as a reliable source to know where the groups has come from ?

We have different values as below, i heard that the values "ExchangeProvisiongFlags:****" will be changed with proper text like Teams, Planner..... Is the value "YammerProvisioning" will remain as it is ?

this item is still on our backlog.

i found that from one drive they have option to create group even they don't have access to team or yammer. how we can find the exchange provisioning for this

Hi Christophe - Do you have any further update on this item ? Is ProvisioningOption a reliable value to do this check ? Actually we are trying to identify and differentiate the O365 groups based on their origin so this would be helpful. Cheers, 




Mukesh this item is still on our backlog and I don't have a timeline to share at this stage.

Any updates on this?  I don't see "YammerProvisioning" anymore but now see "YammerEmailAddress".  We still need a way to determine where groups are created for admin purposes.  For example if I'm trying to link a group to Yammer or Teams I need to find a way to determine quickly where it was provisioned.

Hi @Christophe Fiessinger may I ask for updates in this topic? Thank you!

Hi Christophe, can you please be a little more specific on the timeline. This has become critical for us as it is affecting our overall governance practices and delaying further deployments across other Office 365 apps/services as a result. If we cannot determine how these groups are provisioned (ie. from which app/service), we will be required to lock these down, which will severely impact adoption. Please advise ASAP. Thank you.
Frank as mentioned before we do not have a timeline to share at this stage.

So, i'm not seeing the attribute anymore, was it removed?