Office 365 Groups TeamSites Languages Mixed Up

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Hi, just wanted to find out if anyone else is having issue with TeamSite languages for Office 365 Groups?

I have one group where 3 different languages are shows, but most show up in a language that I can barely read.

My languages and the teamsite languages are set to German mostly. This all worked fine a couple of hours ago.


*edit1*: looks like classic SharePoint Sites are also affected. I'm also having issue with the top navigation bar sometimes not showing up.


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For a moment I thought they fixed it, but now it's back to showing a different language everytime I close my browser:


Image 7.pngImage 042.png

Hi Ivan,


We also have this problem. We are in the Netherlands and have the same issue.

First in German, then in Spanish...



Holly sh...I wonder what they are doing behind the scenes. Obviously there is nothing we can do here
Yeap we've been seeing this since yesterday too in the modern team pages.

Sometimes goes away by refreshing browser.
I am now seeing this too. I'm based in the UK and I've seen Swedish then German across different sites!

Glad I'm not alone, not that this is helping.

This seems to be related to the "modern ui" only, because as soo as you get to a classic ui (like website settings) the language is shown correctly again. 

I've created a standard Office 365 ticket, though based on my time zone, the issue might only be escalated tomorrow. 

I just hope that many others raise the issue as well, especially since I have an Office 365 presentation for our management tomorrow! :(

Thaks for reporting. We are actively investigating. If you have a fiddler trace, that would help accelerate.

Can confirm seeing this too. Other things we've seen (maybe related), user's photos getting "swapped around" in Planner.

It was really fun doing a demo of Planner yesterday, and showing that a task is assigned to me but showing the picture of another colleague in the same room :(
I'll try to give you one tomorrow morning (GMT+2) though I really hope you solve this by then without my help :p
I believe some heavy code changes are rolling out at the moment quality insuarance might have missed a few things.
Is everyone else affected also on first release or is GA also affected?
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Should be resolved now. Thanks for reporting.

Can you give any details about what has happened to produce this problem? Customers are going to get scared with this unexpected behaviour (and I would say unaceptable)

Seems to be working now, thank you! :)

No mentioning in the Office 365 Message Center though.

We were in the process of rolling out a performance optimization when we saw this TCN post as well as internal validation/dogfooding reports. We reverted that change. Apologies for inconvenience; this issue was most readily reproduced in heavily multi-lingual tenancies, so was not immediately identified in internal validation rings.

We are experiencing this pretty bad at the moment, what is the status of this fix?

This is a pretty old thread that was resolved WW back in Feb, so I'd suggest you raise a new escalation via customer support.

(Sorry they don't show dates at all in the mobile version of these forums), Already have a premier ticket open, seems related to this
Hi Brent,

Yes, this thread is "old", not that old though :p Also it really was resolved pretty fast back then.
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Should be resolved now. Thanks for reporting.

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